Why Your Dubbing is Hurting Your Videos?

It is very well known what dubbing can do and how it opens doors to a vast and vibrant audience. As it comes with several benefits, getting high-quality dubbing projects is in demand to build trust and professionalism. However, there is a need to know if dubbing is positively impacting or ruining things.

The dubbing process is the traditional method of replacing voice in audio-visual content with a new voice. This is followed by a recording performed by a dubbing artist who makes sure the voice matches the lip movements. But when the right dubbing is not approached, this can create a huge mess with your videos.

Bad dubbing is generally the situation where the dubbed audio does not synchronize well with the visuals and there is a huge lack of emotion. Several projects demand dubbing around the globe, but only a few professional artists can deliver it successfully.

Let’s see and know what could be the reasons where dubbing is not working best for your videos.

What Makes The Dubbing Hurt Your Videos?

The dubbing holds the power, if done in the best way, it can skyrocket any video. However, when there is disruption with seamless integration of voices and visuals, hindrance in the dubbing artist’s voice is the reason why it fails in the ability to connect.

Dubbing is challenging and this gives rise to a few mistakes. However, sometimes we commit some mistakes unknowingly. Here are some of the things that can cause trouble in getting the best dubbing:

1- No Natural Touch In The Voice

When providing the dubbing, the voice needs to be attractive enough that carry the essence of the naturalness. When the untrained dubbing artist works on your project, this generally causes the voices to sound bad making the dubbed version less engaging and poor.

Professional dubbing artists work carefully with different dubbing techniques to maintain the natural aspect of the voice.

2- No Emotional Connect

There is a difference between speaking and delivering dubbing. Any random person cannot dub as there is a need to convey the emotions and nuances while; delivering the dubbing. If your video has dubbing that lacks emotion, this can impact the way dubbing is delivered.

3- Unnoticing The Errors

Before delivering the dubbing in a different language, it is needed to get the quality check done. This is essential for maintaining the authenticity of the dubbing. If the delivered dubbing is inaccurate and carries a lot of mistakes in the idiomatic expressions, this can put your video in trouble.

Maintaining the errors in the dubbing can result in confusion or misrepresentation.

4- Absence In Lip Sync

When there is no lip sync this is one of the common aspects that make the dubbing dull. Also, it is the most noticeable aspect that indicates the results of poor dubbing. When this aspect is not considered by the dubbing team, this misalignment can be distracting and even make the video non-interesting.

5- Lack In Maintaining Cultural Aspect

The reason why do you need dubbing for your videos is to make the video highly adaptable to the market. In this, it is important for the dubbing team to make sure the cultural references are not missed that can lead to inauthentic-sounding narration.

The absence of a cultural aspect in the dubbing can hurt the sentiment of the audience and needs to be taken seriously.

6- Challenging In Pronunciation

In dubbing, mispronounced words or phrases can make it challenging for the listener to hinder comprehension and understanding. This is even more challenging when there is a need to provide the dubbing in a different language.

7- Not Carrying Out Editing

In dubbing, there is a need to carry out the editing to make sure to remove the unnecessary voices. When the audio goes for editing and processing, there is a need to make noise reductions. This step needs to be done carefully as if there is a disturbance in the audio, this will lead to a poor experience.

8- No Adjustment In Audio Volume

In every dubbing project, it is always need to work on keeping the audio sound good enough. In the video, keeping the dubbing audio not suitable will be a disadvantage for your video. Too high or too low audio will make the video-watching experience worse.


With the growth of content online, dubbing has gained popularity to make visual content reach beyond the borders. Due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to produce multiple language versions simultaneously, several businesses look out for dubbing solutions. However, choosing professional dubbing particularly helps in terms of naturalness.

We have a huge team of dubbing artists who can accurately convey emotions and nuances to deliver authentic dubbing. If you need our dubbing, contact us at VoxDubs at +91-8527599201 or grab an instant quote.

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